Enjoying a Walk-in Tub

A bathtub can be a delightful luxury, especially after a long day at work. Unfortunately, many models can be extremely challenging to use, requiring a feat of aqua aerobics just to get in and out. When you’re looking for an easier way to enjoy a relaxing soak or a quick bath, a walk-in tub may be the perfect solution.

America’s Best Bath

Boasting narrow walls and a sealed door that swings open, a walk-in tub gives you the freedom to enjoy a bath at any time, no matter your physical limitations. Simply open the door, and step carefully into the bathtub. New low threshold models are only a few inches off the ground, making entering your tub easier than ever before. Close the door behind you, sit down on the spacious seat, and then turn on the water. Prior to exiting, fully drain the water, open the door, and step back into your bathroom. Taking a bath has never been this easy!

Amazing Features and Amenities

The beauty in modern walk-in tubs goes beyond ease and convenience; today’s models are sleek, chic, and highly advanced, giving you everything you need to kick back and enjoy a little pampering. Boasting features like microbubbles, lights, and jets, you’ll immediately relax as soon as the water starts flowing. Some models even include additional luxuries attachments, including a bidet head, massaging jets, ComfortWarm heating, and aromatherapy, giving you a jacuzzi-like experience in the comfort of your home. With easy reach controls and a metal grab bar, using your tub can be both safe and comfortable.

Fast Draining and Easy to Use

One of the biggest complaints in many bathtubs is the time to drain, especially when pipes start to clog up. In a walk-in tub, this can be especially important as bathers must wait until the tub drains fully before opening the door and stepping out. With TurboDrain, an age old problem is solved quickly. This unique system provides the fastest drain possible, incorporating a combination of gravity and redesigned plumbing to solve the issues facing standard tubs. Draining three times faster than normal with an average full to empty time of just two minutes and featuring an innovative self-cleaning p-trap system, you can finish your relaxing bath as quickly as possible.

When you’re ready to take your bathroom to new heights, a walk-in tub may be the perfect solution. Easily incorporated into the bathtub space in your existing bathroom and boasting many of the amenities of high end spa tubs, this easy, effective alternative can be the ideal way to unwind, bathe, or both.